Author Guidelines

Submission Guidelines

  1. The manuscript covers original idea related to the context of Indonesian economics, supported by theoretical and/ or empirical analysis.
  2. The manuscript has not been considered to be published in other journal.
  3. Manuscript can be written in English or Bahasa. Total length of a manuscript is between 4,000 and 6,000 words including illustrations and references. Submissions with more or less lengths are considered; however, the manuscript's length will be subject to revision on the copyediting process. This length is not applied certain types of manuscript such as policy notes. Manuscript should be typed in Microsoft Word using the font character of Times New Roman, 12 size, and 1.5 space.
  4. List of content, in general, should include: General Identities (Title & Author(s) Information); Abstract (including Keywords & JEL Classification); Introduction; Literature Review; Methodology; Result and Analysis; Conclusion and Recommendation; & References. Certain types of manuscript at minimum must cover Introduction; Analysis and Conclusion; & References. The explanation of each are as follow:
    1. The title should not exceed 12 words.
    2. Author(s) Information. Author(s) Information should include the name, affiliation as well as full email and postal address of each author. Clearly indicate the corresponding author who will handle correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication.
    3. Abstract, Keywords, and JEL Classification. The manuscript has to be completed with abstract with less than 200 words both in English and Bahasa, regardless of the main manuscript's language. Abstract should contain comprehensive information about the work. It should state briefly the purpose of the research, the principal results, and major conclusions. Provide 2-5 keywords and complemented with at least two classes of 2 digits JEL (Journal of Economic Literature) classifications accordingly. Complete JEL Classification can be accessed through
    4. Introduction should contain only the necessary background information to deliver clearly the purpose of work. The author can either discuss the Literature Review in this section or put it in a separate section.
    5. This section should include material that is pertinent to your research method. Give details of the methods you have used (sample, procedures, etc.).
    6. Result and Analysis. Elaborate the whole findings of your research both quantitatively and qualitatively.
    7. Conclusion and Recommendation. The recommendation is optional. It also can provides readers with the current limitations and future directions on the study. It should be based on the data presented but not necessarily confines to them.
    8. Appendices may be added after References to put materials found to be less suitable to be put within main text.
    9. Citation follows Harvard Style, the specific format of which depends on the number of author(s)
  5. Tables and Figures have to be completed with title, using Arabic numeral orderly, and source in white & black form. Editor of JEI could ask the original tables and figures files from the author(s). The total number of tables and figures should be less than 12.
  6. Abbreviations in Bahasa should be typed in italics and, if needed, can be accompanied with proper translation in English.
  7. Equations and all mathematical formula have to utilize Equation Editor in Microsoft Word.
  8. If the manuscript does not conform to the above specifications, the manuscript may be returned to the author for revision.
  9. If the manuscript is published, the copyright of it will be transferred to JEI.