Jurnal Ekonomi Indonesia (JEI) publishes both theoretical as well as empirical articles related to the development and the dynamics of the Indonesian economy. Specific research areas or fields covered by JEI include, but are not limited to: economic globalization challenges, digitalization of the economy, e-commerce and fintech, development of rural and village economies, development of creative economies, international trade and finance, public fiscal and finance, macroprudential and monetary economics, financial services institutions, financial penetration and financial inclusion, sharia economics and finance, food security and agricultural transformation, energy security and renewable energy, infrastructure and domestic connectivity, maritime economic development,  revitalization of manufacturing and economic competitiveness, empowerment of SMEs and cooperatives, tourism development, and labor and demography.

JEI accepts articles written in English or Bahasa Indonesia and selects these articles through a double-blind peer review process. The journal also accepts well-written and rigorous reviews of existing literatures. JEI aims to be an academic journal that helps students, lecturers, and researchers across the country to contribute their research articles for the purpose of advancing current understanding of the Indonesian economy.

JEI was established by the Ikatan Sarjana Ekonomi Indonesia/Indonesian Economist Association (ISEI) in 2004. The ISEI board does not take responsibility for the views expressed by the authors of the journal. JEI authors benefit from extensive editing process as well as English proofreading services. The journal charges no fee to its authors for article publications, and readers will be granted open access to articles published in JEI. The board believes that such access policy will benefit the broader academics and research communities.

Since 2020, JEI has started publishing its volumes triannually (three times a year), in April, August, and December. Additionally, hard copy versions of JEI volumes are also published by the ISEI.